Comming soon Snapmaker 2?


“Snapmaker 2” can be thought of as a completely new product. “Snapmaker 1” users are expecting to purchase additional parts, expand the work area of “Snapmaker 1”, and install new modules. I should have financed with thinking that at least I can expect it.

Will they be possible?

  • Expanding the build area
  • Installing the New Strong CNC module
  • Installing a heat bed that can rise to 100 degrees Celsius

Neither of the above is a difficult story.


Check out the latest update on the first Kickstarter campaign. It includes a detailed article and machine in-action at CES 2019 video.


Have you joined the Snapmaker - New Kickstarter Project Facebook Group to learn the new feature of Snapmaker 2? This week, the Filament Runout Recovery feature is announced. It’s a huge benefit when printing big objects!
What do you think of it? :heart_eyes: :thinking:

It’s a closed group. You can join it after answer a few questions.