Comming soon Snapmaker 2?


“Snapmaker 2” can be thought of as a completely new product. “Snapmaker 1” users are expecting to purchase additional parts, expand the work area of “Snapmaker 1”, and install new modules. I should have financed with thinking that at least I can expect it.

Will they be possible?

  • Expanding the build area
  • Installing the New Strong CNC module
  • Installing a heat bed that can rise to 100 degrees Celsius

Neither of the above is a difficult story.


Check out the latest update on the first Kickstarter campaign. It includes a detailed article and machine in-action at CES 2019 video.


Have you joined the Snapmaker - New Kickstarter Project Facebook Group to learn the new feature of Snapmaker 2? This week, the Filament Runout Recovery feature is announced. It’s a huge benefit when printing big objects!
What do you think of it? :heart_eyes: :thinking:

It’s a closed group. You can join it after answer a few questions.


For laser engraving and cutting, Snapmaker 2 lets you input the thickness of your material and then it will automatically set the focus. You won’t need to set the focus manually. More details are shared in our closed facebook group:


I am also curious if backers of the original Snapmaker will be able to purchase an upgrade kit? I have really liked the Snapmaker, my only 2 complainta being the bed size, and CNC setting up from Fusion360 being way more complicated and needing much more in depth instruction. Snapmaker 2 alleviates one of these issues, but I will be hard pressed to purchase the whole thing from skratch.