Comming soon Snapmaker 2?

“Snapmaker 2” can be thought of as a completely new product. “Snapmaker 1” users are expecting to purchase additional parts, expand the work area of “Snapmaker 1”, and install new modules. I should have financed with thinking that at least I can expect it.

Will they be possible?

  • Expanding the build area
  • Installing the New Strong CNC module
  • Installing a heat bed that can rise to 100 degrees Celsius

Neither of the above is a difficult story.

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Check out the latest update on the first Kickstarter campaign. It includes a detailed article and machine in-action at CES 2019 video.

Have you joined the Snapmaker - New Kickstarter Project Facebook Group to learn the new feature of Snapmaker 2? This week, the Filament Runout Recovery feature is announced. It’s a huge benefit when printing big objects!
What do you think of it? :heart_eyes: :thinking:

It’s a closed group. You can join it after answer a few questions.

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For laser engraving and cutting, Snapmaker 2 lets you input the thickness of your material and then it will automatically set the focus. You won’t need to set the focus manually. More details are shared in our closed facebook group:

I am also curious if backers of the original Snapmaker will be able to purchase an upgrade kit? I have really liked the Snapmaker, my only 2 complainta being the bed size, and CNC setting up from Fusion360 being way more complicated and needing much more in depth instruction. Snapmaker 2 alleviates one of these issues, but I will be hard pressed to purchase the whole thing from skratch.

Here is a FAQ @Rainie posted to the Facebook page on the SnapMaker2:

Rainie Zou shared a link.
Admin · January 12
Hi all, please check the below #FAQs for the answers to your questions. Please note that the information listed might be changed in any meaningful way when we develop these products. There are 16 FAQs in total.

Q1. Will there be expansion kits for the original Snapmaker?
A: We would like to provide the longer linear module for the Snapmaker 1 so that users can expand the build volume with their original Snapmaker after replacing only one Z axis. But the samples of the longer linear modules are being produced. We won’t have the sample to do the test until next Friday. We will update the status of the expansion kit once we have the test results.

Q2. Is Snapmaker 1 compatible with Snapamker 2?
As you can see on our official website (, we have upgraded the Snapmaker 2 in every way based on users’ feedback, including using a more powerful power supply, a more versatile controller, a smart touchscreen, closed-type linear modules, customized cables and connectors, and so on.

Obviously, all cables and connectors in Snapmaker 2 are totally different from those in Snapmaker 1. Snapmaker 1’s modules cannot be used directly in the Snapmaker 2.

When we are proud to provide the new generation of Snapmaker product, we also try our best to take care of our users who have bought the first version of Snapmaker and want to upgrade their original Snapmaker.

For users who want to purchase a bigger machine, Snapmaker 2 Standard or Plus, while reusing the original 3D printing/laser/CNC module, it is possible! We can design a specific adapter for them so that they can connect the original head module onto Snapmaker 2. They will have the option to buy the complete kit of Snapmaker 2 or the kit that without three heads. But it is most likely that other modules in the Snapmaker 1 won’t be interchangeable with those in Snapmaker 2.

For users who want to upgrade their original Snapmaker with Power-Loss Detection and Recovery function only, it is possible too. They can make it by replacing the power supply and controller module with the new version, and use the provided adapters. If they want to have the Filament Sensor as well, they need to replace the 3D printing module with the new version at the same time. Likewise, they can continue to get the Wi-Fi function by replacing the original touchscreen to the new Smart Touchscreen.

BTW. Honestly, we sincerely hope and suggest that our old users should back our new Kickstarter campaign if they are looking for a bigger and more powerful 3-in-1 3D printer. The Snapmaker 2 Kickstarter campaign will be the best offer ever undoubtedly.

We have not yet talked much about it in public as we know that all plans will be practically carried out in the condition of successfully completing the mass-production of Snapmaker 2. We are open to share and discuss our thoughts and solutions on this demand in this group.

Q3. Will the Snapmaker 1 still be in production?
A: Yes. The Snapmaker 2 is not available for the market. We just launched its landing page and we are still preparing for its Kickstarter campaign. There will be months before it’s in stock. The Snapmaker 1 is still the most favorite product in the market. We are producing and we will continue to produce batches of the Snapmaker 1 this year. Customers have the right to enjoy the 3-in-1 3D printer right away or wait for the new generation.

Q4. What is the estimated delivery date of Snapmaker 2?
A: We are unable to provide an answer at the moment as we don’t want to mislead people with inaccurate info.

Q5. What are the prices of the Snapmaker 2 models?
A: We have not yet set the Kickstarter price nor the retail price of the Snapmaker 2 printers. One thing for sure, they will be the most affordable 3-in-1 3D printers equipped with a huge number of awesome features on the market.

Q6. Will we get any discount when buying the Snapmaker 2? (For users who have bought Snapmaker 1)
A: We always care about our early users. We’d like to provide discounts. But I am sure that the Kickstarter price for the Snapmaker 2 will be the lowest price. As we all know, Kickstarter rewards are the best deal all the time.

Q7. When will the Kickstarter campaign be launched?
A: In 3-4 months. Based on the experience from our last Kickstarter campaign, we are able to make a better schedule for our second campaign. We won’t launch it in a rush.
Now we are in the stage of finalizing the design of the Snapmaker 2 based on the initial test result of the prototypes. The next step is verifying the design through a small batch production.
All of the improvements that we are making now contribute a lot to ensuring higher quality of the mass-produced machines as well as shortening the waiting time for the delivery of Kickstarter rewards. We will be proud to launch our new Kickstarter campaign when securing all important things for successful mass production.

Q8. Isn’t it too soon after the successfully funded Snapmaker 1?
A: No. It’s been almost two years since the launch of the Snapmaker 1 and half-a-year since the fulfillment for all rewards of the last campaign. We have been planning our business in advance so that we grow the company smoothly step by step. Soon after we successfully delivered the first batch from mass-production of the Snapmaker 1, we tried out several possible new product prototyping. From these early research and development, we were able to evaluate and set the most practical product roadmap for our company. The time is right for preparing for the launch of Snapmaker 2.

Q9. What software is included? Can we edit and print/engrave/cut multiple models at the same time?
A: Snapmakerjs is provided for free. It will be upgraded along with the new features of Snapmaker 2.

Yes. The snapmakerjs supports multiple models editing and printing now. It will support multiple models editing and engraving/cutting for laser and CNC functions in the near future.

Q10. What’s the power of the spindle for the CNC module?
A: About 50W.

Q11. An SLA module in Snapmaker 2?
A: No. The Snapmaker 2 is a FDM 3D printer. As the technology of SLA 3D printers is completely different from FDM 3D printers, we’d prefer to develop a new product if we want to make an SLA 3D printer.

Q12. Will the noise problem be resolved?
A: Yes. The noise is mainly from the working stepper motor, mechanical friction of the working linear modules and the fans in the functional modules. We will reduce the noise from the working stepper motor and the fans in the linear modules by replacing the component parts that produce the noise. The new component parts are being tested, so the solution will be finalized after the test is completed. The noise from mechanical friction of the working linear modules will be reduced by the new design of the linear modules. We will let you know if the plan changes.

Q13. Will there be an option for a dual-extrusion print head?
A: No, not in the near future.

Q14. Is the laser powerful enough to cut things?
A: Yes, the power of the laser will be 1600mW. That is the same as the one we are selling as a standalone module. It can cut card paper, acrylic, wood, leather, etc. You can find out how well it cuts these materials at

Q15. Has anything been done on the Snapmaker 2 so you can run flexible or elastic filaments?
A: Yes. We have redesigned the 3D Printing Module to ensure that flexible or elastic filament can be printed successfully. We shortened the gap between the gear that guides the filament into the hot end and the tube connected to the hot end. In this way, flexible filament is much less likely to get stuck in the gap between the gear and the hot end.

Q16. What about dust from CNC and 3D printing?
A: The linear module is redesigned. It’s fully-closed, so no dust can fall into the linear module anymore.


The launch day and time is published:

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Awesome thanks tone.

“For users who want to purchase a bigger machine, Snapmaker 2 Standard or Plus, while reusing the original 3D printing/laser/CNC module, it is possible! We can design a specific adapter for them so that they can connect the original head module onto Snapmaker 2. They will have the option to buy the complete kit of Snapmaker 2 or the kit that without three heads. But it is most likely that other modules in the Snapmaker 1 won’t be interchangeable with those in Snapmaker 2.”

I wonder what this means? Is it that the x/y/z/ axes are not compatible but we can reuse the heads?