Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Update (mar31 2021) Questions, troubles etc

  • I have no “Firmware Update” entry in my setting screen.
  • What is the required format for the usb drive to be recognized by the Snapmaker 2?
  • It is said to power off the machine when plug in tool heads and stuff: but does that include the usb drive ??

How to Update Firmware

  • Via Wi-Fi
    • On the Touchscreen, tap Settings > Firmware Update .
    • Read the changelog and download the firmware.
    • After the firmware is downloaded, tap Update Now .

You need a relatively recent firmware version (1.8 or later? something like that) if you want to update your Snapmaker2 over wi-fi. If you have an older version, put the file on a thumbdrive, go to the “Files” list on the touchscreen, and select the firmware file (? I think that was it. Haven’t performed an update in several months.)

The Snapmaker2 expects USB sticks to use the FAT32 file system. USB 2.0 thumbdrives are often preformatted as FAT32. USB3 drives often come as exFAT and may need to be reformatted.

You shouldn’t need to turn off the Snapmaker to plug in the thumbdrive, but try it if it won’t perform the update via a selection from the Files list. (In general, it’s difficult to harm anything by plugging a drive in, but you can mess up the drive by pulling it out while the machine is writing to it.)


Thanks for the help.
I encountered other problems though…

About the firmware upgrade via wifi, I should have mentioned that I upgraded a few days after unboxing. And what was in the box was a V1.8 controller version…

The unboxing experience of the hardware was great. But the firmware upgrade procedure, and even the interface design (language) not so…

In order to use the Wi-Fi connection feature smoothly, you can upgrade the firmware to V1.11.4 with the USB disk. And you need to complete the user guide process of 3 tool-head before you upgrade to V1.12.0.

Firmware V1.11.4 download link

How to Update Firmware

  • Via a USB flash drive
    • Put the firmware update file Snapmaker2_V{version}.bin in your USB flash drive.
    • Plug the drive into the Controller.
    • On the Touchscreen, tap Files > USB > Snapmaker2_V{version}.bin .


Some cases were reported that the machine cannot connect to Wi-Fi automatically after you reboot the machine.

Our software team has developed a beta version to improve the wifi connection.

Users who want to try this version, please send me some feedback.

Download link:


Struggling with firmware updates.

I was trying to do the 3D printing initial setup and the print head crashed right into the printsheet as soon as I hit auto calibrate. Loking around it seems I need to get new firmware, but the process for loading that does not appear on my touch screen. The only thing I can do is “get started” and that crashes the print head.

I tried putting the firmware on a usb stick and thought that SM would recognize that when powered up. Nope “get started” is all it wants to do.

Along these lines I I ask why isn’t firmware update the first thing a new user would do?Many programs I use on the first opening say “would you like to search for udates?”

I see the mention that the initial setups should be done with 1.11.4 before going to 12.1. Why is that?

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I think 1.11.4 is when the WiFi update path got added, before that it was always usb.

You can try first setup without the toolhead mounted to the X axis, you might have to trigger the proximity sensor yourself though to trick the machine.

It seems that you do not complete the user guide with all too-heads.

Please use CNC carving module and finish the user guide. You can update the firmware when the CNC carving module is mounted.

Then update the firmware to V1.10.0 via this link.


Updated the firmware to latest with USB and did the CNC setup. That worked.

One of the biggest missing parts was the left swipe at initial startup. There should be a note on that screen to swipe left for more options.

I am curious as to why you are suggesting 1.10 when 12 is the latest. Thank you,.