New User-Firware Upgrade Help

Hey all! First post. Got my snapmaker about a week ago and am testing out all the bits. I did the August Preorder for my machine, and I’m imagining like many others, we got a machine without updated firmware. This may be useful:

I noticed on the Snapmaker site for the 2.0, under the Downloads, there is a file to upgrade the firmware, but no clear instructions on HOW to upgrade the firmware. In theory you have a “Firmware Update” option under Settings, but this was missing on my Touchscreen settings. If this is the case for you as well, read on!

How to Manually Upgrade your Firmware for the Snapmaker 2.0

Download the Snapmaker2_V1.10.1.bin file (or whichever one is the latest as of this posting)

Copy the file to a USB drive.

Turn off your Snapmaker. Insert the USB drive into the USB slot, located under the plug for the Touchscreen Controller.

From the welcome screen, swipe left to access the settings. Touch “Files” and then at the bottom touch “USB”

You will see the .bin file listed. Tap on that and the update should begin automatically. Congratulations, you have updated your firmware! It’s probably better safe than sorry, and turn the machine off before removing the USB drive.

Hope that helps!