Dual Extruder and Support Material Issue


sorry if I can´t explain ma problem in proper english :grin:

I´m having troubles with the original PVA support material.
Tried to print a little testobject and after the second layer everything is like a spaghetti incident and the material is everywhere but not where it is supposed to be.

Any suggestions on that one?
I know, it´s only a small part, but I expect this to work.
Sliced in luban, actual version.


Second Image…

And this is also happening.
Will it be fixed?

Just go for Prusaslicer. There are awesome profiles and settings here in the forum.

Maybe there is a better slicer avaiable.
But, I bought a high priced product and expect it to work. That‘s all.
Maybe too much expectation.


Your z offset is too high (too far away) for your right nozzle, decrease it an test again.

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Already lowered both nozzles -0.3mm, because both are too high.
Otherwise the print will be completly up in the air.

if you want to do it correctly print somithing big on 1 layer, go to the printer with USB stick and begin to lower the nozzles on the machine until you see a goof result, so flat structure, just feel it in the moment you Print.
This setting will be saved also for other Prints from prusa or octiprint or what ever.

my setting were left : -0,3 right -0,25

and now my left and right nozzle match good together, but every time you change something on the nozzle, you have to verify this again

The first layer is good on both nozzles.
If it comes to noozle change and wipe tower and all the stuff, it ends like shown.
Doesn‘t matter which support material I use, PVA or Breakaway I always get spaghettis :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I will try to print one of the provided examples in luban but have no big hope

If you share more photos we could help you.
I guess your xy calibration is not good, as i see or guess from your first picture.
Additionally i see your right nozzle skirt is not proper extruded and it seems you are too far away. May share a first layer picture or something?
I am a user like you and no snapmaker staff.

In my opinion it is a setting problem in luban with the support material in general.
Because I changed the filaments with each other and the second nozzle, normaly used for support, prints perfect pla. But the first nozzle, normaly pla, prints crappy support🤷🏻‍♂️

I will look for some bigger one layer prints the following days and share some pics.

I have installed te parts I recieved for upgrading the dual extrusion module. Als I have upgaded the firmware to the latest version. Leveling does not work an I have out of filament warning.
The dual extrusion module was a piece of crap when I bought it last year and stil is. I am going to sell the whole contraption and bury me a Bamboo printer

where can i find the setting and profiles for prusa and the dual extruder?

Use search function, there is a thread here

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