Snapmaker 2.0 Camera Capture Weirdness

Hi. I’m trying to get the laser module going on my new SM2. After a couple of restarts and firmware upgrade I finally got the autofocus calibration done, and the camera calibration (cutting square) done. But the Camera Capture in Luban (3.4.2) looks all messed up with different colours and corners chopped off the individual photos. Any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance

Did you open the calibration button on this window and pull the edgepoints on the right position

Some light shadows are normal.

Thanks! That was it.

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I’d also recommend not using the camera at all. It means any gcode you create would be unrepeatable as you’d have to get the next item in EXACTLY the same place as before, or generate new gcode. I also found, even after calibration, the gcode did not line up correctly on items that are high compared to the bed (e.g a box)

Instead set the graphic to the 0,0 coord, and line up the work origin to the object. That way your gcode is always reusable

How do you go about lining the work origin up manually? move the head - fire the laser - correct - repeat?