Camera on Laser Module seems broken or not in line

Trying to figure this thing out. I just received my Snapmaker 2.0. The Camera on touchscreen shows green, but my auto focal point fails (I have to pick which etch line looks the best manually because the camera can’t). After that, the camera calibration completes with the 4 lines, when I do a camera capture, the page looks like the camera is looking at the table orthagonally. I think I have a busted camera, or at least one that is not aligned. Any thoughts? I can’t add photos yet since i just became a member…

Share a link to your photos, any cloud hoster where you are able to create links would work.

Does the camera look like it’s flat or flush with the bottom of the head?
There have been reports of some people’s being off kilter.

It’s definitely flat, I took it off, checked and re calibrated everything. It won’t auto calibrate the etched ruler lines for the laser still and I’m still getting wonky images still. I think the camera lens is defective. Need a new module if I can return this one.