Laser frustration


Very drustrated and disappointed with the laser, it seems that there are configuration issues here in addition to Luban issues.

I am not able to set a proper work origin neither by cam capture nor setting work origin, I run the boundry and after long time manager to have it within the wood plate, then when I execute the job suddenly it goes and lasers the bottom left corner outside the borders of the wood plate!

I cant find good tutorials neither the snapmaker official youtube videos provide proper guidance!

Are you trying to run from Luban or are you transferring your gcode to the SM (either wi-fi or usb drive) and running from there?


@sdj544 I have tried both ways unfortunately it doesn’t run same as the boundry

There are several threads in the forum about problems using camera capture feature.

Have a look at following links:

If you like to, show us a detailed work flow with a video or something else and we could work on it, when it is clear whats your true problem.

Hey thanks @xchrisd I have been through those threads, now after several restarts it seems to work only by sending the file to the snapmaker, however for thr camera capture I still need to do some work, will check it further and post here in case it doesn’t work again.

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One thing I realized when I was working on some artwork last night is that I always center or resize my image to the artwork.
It’s so second nature to me that I don’t even think about it, but people who haven’t worked much with graphics programs might not even think about it. If your graphics are off-center or have a lot of extra dead space around them it will affect how they show up in luban and how the run boundary works.
Here’s an example of the same text. Text upper left of file, centered in file with extra space, centered in file cropped to size of image.

You also need to make sure they’re centered in Luban (right click on image).