Laser - Calibration it`s not working

Hello, i have a problem with my laser modula at the snapmaker A350. I will starting the calibration and the laser cut the square at the paper. But when taking the pictures, the module ist not moving, it take the pictures at the same position…

Can someone help me?


Which version of Luban do you run? If it is the newest, try a older version from the forum, there is a wifi reconnect problem in the last Vers.

Hi, thanks for your answer… Yes, now, that you tell me, I have reinstalled my system with the Last version of Laban…

Ok, i have installed an another version… But the kamera caption ist not working fine… The Camera takes only 5 pictures…But at position 6 no more happens …!

Screenshot 2020-12-03 172853|373x499

Even when it’s working it doesn’t really work. Anything with any thickness that’s off the work surface totally messes it up. I’d suggest not worrying about it and spend time actually making things. It’s nice in theory but there are plenty of ways to set your work origin that are better, faster, more accurate and less frustrating.


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@sdj544 is totally right, it seems nice but you are faster without camera capture.
Did you successfully finish the initial start-up calibration of the laser from the touchscreen (I guess under settings)?

Hello, yes, i have solved the calibration from the touch screen (Setting -> Laser -> Camera calibration)…

I have only work first time with the camaer caption, it was fine… I have set the start point manualy with the luban software at yesterday… it faster than camera caption. I am still gaining experience with the laser module…

I think it’s just a shame that the camera caption does not work properly.

i contact the support and write the answer here… Thanks

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