Snapmaker 2.0 250T Power cables stuck and damaged


I have now had this happen to me twice, where the power cable to the printer head module get stuck.
The cable gets stuck to the bottom of the cable hub (controller) that is attached to the Z axes module on the right side.

The cable is now damaged and I’m a bit scared that the connector for the power cable on the 3d print module will get damaged. Because the cable gets really tight when stuck to the controller, and bending the connector to the side.

Is there a way to prevent this? Anyone else experiences this?

If this happens to you, you should check for correct assembling.
See quickstart guide site 41:

I had no similar problems with my A350 and still running with the first set cables.

Maybe share photos?

I managed to delete the first post.

But thank you for reply, but that is how I have it connected, I think…:blush:

Another photo, and here you see it will get stuck to the controller when I return home. It is all the way down to the heat bed now

I am no snapmaker staff and a user like you.

Give it a heart pls.


Oh, look at that. Thank you :smiling_face:

Wiring photo of Snapmaker 2.0 A250.
Many people leave the wires alone after connecting the connectors, but we recommend bundling them neatly as shown in the photo.

Consider the movement of the wires to be operated and secure them in place.

We see many stories of heat plate wiring breaking, etc. If you bundle the wiring neatly and treat the moving wiring, it will not break.

We have already been running two machines almost every day for two hours a day for over a year and the normal heat plate wiring has not even been broken.

Please use this as a reference.

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