Has anyone else blown up the 3D printing Module?

During the initial setup of the 3D Printer Module the power cable was placed on the module in the wrong direction. During the calibration process the screen indicated “No module found” so we tried to settle the cable end in more on the module and POP goes the capacitor. Power was manually turned off immediately.
Lessons learned:
Always power down before touching the module cable
Install the cable in the module before mounting it (because the cable fit in the wrong direction and was hard to see under the enclosure)
Snapmaker: you have no support solutions for this situation and you have no modules in the store for purchasing to replace the blown module.
We need to replace the module and I wonder if any damage may have been done to the cable or central control module.

Quite a few people have done this.
Bad design.
You’ll have to contact support@snapmaker.com directly.
You can try a different head to see if it works and then you’ll know if you just damaged the 3d head.

I have seen people complaining that the enclosure LEDs turn off when the module head is unplugged. I guess people don’t realize that they should not be removing the modules hot.

in your communication with support, if they give you a special version of firmware to test a module on a different port can you please share that with us. tryin to get that to help out when this happens, which unfortunately is semi frequently.

i keep wanting to design a lil addon to the plug to help prevent that from happening, but the likelyhood of it making a difference is not very high since it wouldnt be known very well unless you were looking for prints for the machine.

You could take some red nail polish and paint the side that’s away from you when plugging in. That way if it’s backwards it would be quite obvious. (I think even with the lights off). Not a perfect solution, but could help.


So I had to Buy a new 3D print Module but they covered the controller module and shipping. unfortunately i hit the New Year Holiday so had to wait two weeks.
Got the parts and installed them only to find out the x axis was also damaged.
Thankfully they also covered the linear module and shipping. Another wait, this time only a week and i have the part and installed it.
I must say I am more than happy with the customer service in this respect.
Now the the “Fabapp” keeps quitting on me so I have yet to print my first item.
I’m here actually looking to see if there is anything about this issue and thought to update you all.

My 3D printing module blew up today after changing the hotend … can’t say if the cable was inserted the wrong way as I immediatly pulled it out as flames and smoke came out of the module …

I immediatly contacted the support. Hopefully they can provide a new module.

Looking at the burn mark, your Stepperdriver is toast.
Hopefully support can help you there.

Fortunately everything else still seems to work fine … tested of course without the print module.

same to me.
to check the central control module, probably faulty, mount another module, laser, cnc, and see if it recognizes and moves it.

Oh! This looks bad: “No tool head is detected.”

After installing the laser module and powering the Snapmaker on, it installed a new firmware for the laser module. But the calibration screen does not detect the head, and the control screen still shows the printing controls :frowning:

@TheBlackfish Did you connect the cable correctly and not reversed? If it was connected correctly, it sounds like your controller is toast. I redact stupid statement, I don’t do it on purpose I swear!! Maybe it (unsurprisingly) screwed up the firmware update for the laser head somehow.