3D Module Exploded

The 3D module exploded!

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Is the powercable oriented the right way?
Check all connectors if they are the right way plugged in.
Support are the only ones to help you there.

Damn dude

support@snapmaker.com is the only way to get help on that… it may take a couple of weeks.

include your backer number or order number and address to expedite things…

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That doesn’t look good. :cold_sweat: but as @Streupfeffer mentioned: did you insert the cable correctly?

See this post as well: Goodbye A350 Printer ! RIP!
Looks somewhat similar. (but we can’t see it on your picture)

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I don’t know how I could have plugged it in the wrong way but after the pop I pulled the power cable out. Now the display says it cannot connect to the machine. Now I have a $2,000 paperweight.

Do you have a DMM? you could meassure your way through the chain. although the controller has fuses inside. The screen is booting so the main fuse is still good. Each module, function aswell as Linear, is fused to 5A holding, 10A tripping current. so most likely your 3D module is dead but the rest still should work.

It is possible to plug in the head cable backwards.
Several people have done it.
You have to pay attention to the locking tab and make sure it’s oriented the right way. It should in theory keep you from being able to insert it wrong, but in practice it seems to be possible.
Have you tried a different toolhead? The other people who have done it I believe the toolhead was fried but everything else was fine.
May have to buy a new toolhead though. Whether it’s covered under warranty or not is questionable. SM is aware there is a problem, but whether it’s just considered user error and not covered, I haven’t heard.

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The print head, if they charge you, is about $115 dollars.

I purchased a spare when buying some extra linear modules.

However, the thread linked above implied some additional components had been damaged in the process as well.

I do believe that they received the components under warranty due to the design of the plug intending to prevent backwards installation but failing to do so, but i am not 100% sure on that part.

The timing just stinks. I was finishing up making Lithophanes for Xmas presents.

I thought the 3D printer was doing great. The Banshee test model looked better than what I’ve seen on a Prussa.

Warning if it does happen to you avoid inhaling any of the smoke. My lungs are still burning. I just wanted to get a picture of it to send.

I read the article and it looked like they were covered by the warranty. I’m hoping they are. The hard part is not having a printer to use. Never even got a chance to try out the laser or cnc modules.

You may be able to use the other modules.

But yeah it really sucks to be down, thats why when I realized I was having a problem with a rail I ordered some spare parts.

Unfortunately we are in the wild west here, support is available but not very snappy. I have read a couple threads of response being quick this week though, so maybe they are either adding more crew members or getting through the back log.

SM have already said that they are changing the design of the cables to prevent this. Guess thats not happened yet.

You should give at least one of them a quick spin now, so you can include that info in your support request. You don’t want to wait 4 weeks to get a new print head only to find out that you also need a new controller.


absolutely! and include as much info as you can to avoid a 2nd round because its always like 2 weeks to hear back

Thanks, I sent them the info right away. The Chinese New Year will be coming up and then I’ll be waiting until April or May.

Good luck man I hope they squeeze it in first! I think you got half a chance as long as you gave them everything they need to know.

I would but when I connected the CNC module the display said “Machine cannot be found”. I was busy making Lithophanes for Xmas presents but it definitely is a good suggestion if I ever get the machine running again.
The response I got from Snapmaker was for a picture of the 3D module. I already sent the one that showed it smoking. So I removed it from the machine and took several pictures then opened it up to take more pictures.

Okay, so if the CNC module is also not detectable, it seems likely that your control box is also damaged and/or the cable connecting it… That is consistent with another person’s experience that I read about.

You should definitely state to support that the CNC module was also undetected upon trying.

Right now support seems to be giving alot quicker responses.

No word from them since Friday when they asked for more pictures(not sure what they expect to see). I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to send another response.

okay, yeah sometimes it takes a long time, but last week they were really replying fast, so try to follow up i guess as you say, but hopefully you get it sorted asap