Snapmaker 2 heated bed cable hazard

I have a Snapmaker A350 and have been using it for 3D printing for several months. I recently noticed that the cable that attaches to the heated bed was bending and twisting during the printing process in a way that was inducing wear and tear on the cable. A small lesion had developed already at the junction where the cable meets the heated bed. I wrapped the area with electrical tape to reduce the bending. A few weeks later, the printer stopped working and I noticed the cable had burned through the electrical tape! I am attaching four pictures to show people the problem. I will of course contact Snapmaker support for servicing, but I thought I should post the issue here given the potential for a fire hazard.

The first picture shows the damage as discovered. The second picture shows the damage after I removed the electrical tape. The third picture shows the area after I disassembled things and cut the cable; we see the side of the heated bed. The last picture shows the other side of the cut, where the damage originated: you can see that the red cable shorted/overheated as indicated by the melted red plastic; possibly a short between the red and white wires?

I suggest people put some sort of heat resistant support at the junction before a break appears so that bending and twisting is minimized. And if a breaks appears, stop using the heated bed immediately.


Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing … does this mean the cable arming is not heat resistance and just normal power cable?
Could you please share with us what is the snapmaker2 tech. solution

I don’t think it is a matter of the cable being heat resistant enough: the wear on the cable at the junction seems to be prone to gradually tearing the insulation, which can then create a short. I think it is the heating from the short circuit that escalated the problem, not the heat from the heat bed. This is the same issue that you see with phone charging cables that break at the junction. The printer’s back and forth motion creates more wear on the junction than usual. My guess is that, if one puts a thicker rubber reinforcement at the junction, it’ll be enough. If I had noticed the issue earlier, before the tear, I would have layered electric tape at the junction to restrict bending.

Customer service were super helpful and prompt. They are replacing the broken part, and they escalated the issue to the technical team to analyze the problem.

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I’m wondering if just adding some silicone sealant/caulk around where the cable meets the connector would just give it a little more
strength and spread out the stress.

I was thinking about printing a cable chain for moving cables when I get my snapmaker.

Something like this:ührungskette

Maybe can use Suguru for this.

Brilliant! Just ordered some Sugru from Amazon to use with the new heated bed Snapmaker is sending so that it doesn’t happen again.