SM2 Shipping Notification


I can confirm I received shipping notification to MT, USA for my SM2.


i received my Backerkit email this morning with the tracking number… about 3 hours before it was actually delivered in a 29kg box hahahaha

2020 will be fun for all of us.




Are you located in the USA? If so please do share new tariff clearance info if any was applicable. I have had a few surprises lately with these new tariffs.I also think folks in the us will receive shipping notification once package is state side as mine showed its initial location as being Texas. Hopefully someone can clear this up for us.


Hi Mathew

I am in Australia, different taxes here. I paid AUD$238.35 as an indicator.

Take care and have fun



Please post as much as possible about your new SM2 machine! Mine is scheduled to ship out in June, so I would love to know anything pertaining to this tool!


Which kit did you end up purchasing?


i was an early backer #348 for the A350, which is now sitting on my lounge room floor still unwrapped



Oh goodie! I purchased the A350 after the kickstarter campaign ended so my ship-out date is much later sadly. Very excited to see your views on it!!


Hope to have mine soon was backer I believe 39 for the a350. Timing couldn’t be worst hahaha. Im trying to finish my thesis and i fear the snapmaker 2 might detract from it a bit. Oh well!!


I received my a250. No tariff. USA (Salt Lake City)
Backer # 119. Serial No. 25!


Let’s get to building! Many thanks ahead of time for information!


Mine will be in Missoula, MT tomorrow!!! cannot wait. I have never hooked up my cnc or my laser engrave on my SM1 hahaha only 3d printing, not that I have the SM2 might test out the other features on the SM1.


Have great fun with your A250