My Snapmaker 2.0 A350 needs a new home

Decided to sell my A350 due to the need a bigger size CNC and Laser plus the idea of having 3 different machines that I can burn and 3D print at the same time, etc. is almost a need for me. Is in excellent conditions and just me using it, purchased on October 2021.

Snapmaker 2.0 A350
All original little tools
Original packaging


  • 2 power modules (One that I replaced external and internal fans for hydraulic fans for 100% noiseless unit, and one original untouched).
  • Two extra plates for 3D printing
  • Two extra plates for the CNC (3 in total)

Filament Run out sensor went bad, they sent a new one but have not replaced it yet.

Asking price $800 plus shipping, located in Pensacola, FL

If interested, leave a message.

SOLD! Pending payment.

Still available, sale fell through.

Sold again, gone to Latin America.


Which country? I was unhapy to think that I am the sole owner of a SM2 in Argentina.

I the deal falls though I would like a crack at it Please 800.00 no question ask

Sorry to be a pain the neck, but is going to a region or province or town called Mar Del Plata in Argentina, he is finding what the taxes for import is, paid but not shipped yet.

Tommy, I’ll keep you posted on that one, give me a couple of more days, where you live? If I’m guessing right by your last name, Brazil.

Aloha Sir
I live in Hawaii on the inland of Oahu

Tommy Medeiros Sr.

My mistake Tommy, Aloha. One day I’ll visit Haiwaii, everyone tells me is fantastic.
As I said, I’ll keep you posted, not sure what the shipping charges are for you, hope you get it.



Thank you. That is just 410km from me.
So he paid you BEFORE finding out about taxes cost? He might be in for a big surprise.
Please DO tell me when you are finished with your sale.
I might try to sell mine too.


Not that far, he just wanted to secure the SM, I’ll let you know. Bersa is a well known name in my house, Love the photo!


Aloha Tommy,

Sale is completed, sorry to say. I had two A350, now only one, if by the end of the year I get a bigger machine, I’ll have my second A350 will be for sale, I’ll give the first chance, be good.