SM2.0 no filament-runout with Octoprint

Hey, i tried to get a part of my old system started again.- This means my printserver octoprint.
I have a nice remote interface, notifications, spaghettidetective and a camera.
Unfortunately the printer makes no “runout-routine” if it is printing from octorpint.
Even no message through the terminal.- if i point out the status manually it is detected right (M119 or M412)

Maybe someone of the crowd knows:
Is there a way to let the pi listen to the runout sensor of the sm2 controller?

I want to use “TheSpaghettiDetective” again, to prevent spaghetti-prints.- I have a early premium by beta testing.- Alternatively it would be nice to have a spaghetti detective plugin+camera on the sm2.

Is there a way to execute the filament change routine also by running a other printserver than the touchscreen? @Edwin @JKC20 @Alan