A.I.M.S on Kickstarter

Has anyone seen this on Kickstarter?

I’d be interested to see how complicated this would be to set up. Since there appears to be no Octopi development happening this could be a quick and easy option.

It claims you just need to plug into where the filament runout sensor is with one wire.

I am not sure I understand the logic there, especially if its running on its own independent power supply (which it is)

i guess it would depend how the filament runout sensor works on the snapmaker, i presume it must be 2 if not 3 wires. Either voltage or ground is output to the input pin.

If you dont have the voltage or ground on the same power source i dont see how it would register, at least in my experience it wouldn’t unless you connected the grounds together.

either way it is a kind of interesting approach to using existing tech in a different way, which is really something i appreciate.

Edit: considering further, they must just be using the filament runout signal and running it thru a relay along with other situations it would occur in.

runout must run on a NC contact.

I was reading through the comments and found this. I’m curious what features it would interfere with.

There isnt much wireless going on that i know of, wifi connection for file transfer and simple com, and theres bluetooth in the camera and display to communicate.

im not really a great engineer though so take what i say for what thats worth.

It looks nice, I have a Spaghetti Detective Abo, which does more or less the same.

The problem would be to get the aims in series to the runout sensor, but this is not a real big thing (thinking about the flying cables on the SM2).

Tell us how it is when you got it, please! :beers:

If you have a soldering iron, it should be possible to “just inject” the wiring. If you have some countersunk screws that are longer then the mounted ones, you could do a spacer element to get the wiers out, tie them along the Toolhead cable should work.

I do have a side plate with a notch on it for wires that i made to work with brent’s fan mod

we can always edit it for even more wires!

Snapmaker 2 3DP Module Wire Entry Cover by MooseJuice1983 - Thingiverse

thats the best part of having a 3d printer, we can make our own parts to make it work :smiley:

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lol If it works!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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I decided to NOT buy in yet. The ai tech seems to be simple enough to incorporate into an existing device, i.e. octopi. Unfortunately I’m not up for that though. Hopefully some octopi developers can incorporate it and make octopi a little more snapmaker friendly too.

Thats not right, octoprint is perfectly working with SM 2.0 What are your problems with octoprint, if I may ask?

Its just a little daunting to people who arent used to this kind of stuff.

I am ready personally but I understand completely where he is coming from - once you have a better feel for how the machine works off of gcode commands and start to realize how the backend works it becomes a lot more attractive to try different options.

Think you got me wrong, I dont want be rude or something :thinking:, would only offer help?
I am surely no english native speaker.

No i think you are misunderstanding me :slight_smile:

I am just explaining that there is so much to absorb at once and adding yet another piece to the puzzle is hard to do

when you are walking into this machine without any idea of how things work, its hard to even want to try to change it all by switching to octo print!

So i just like to suggest to others who are new to take their time and get acclimated, but if he wants to do octoprint by all means do it! Like i said, i am about to start one myself :smiley:

You said right in deed, I was not reading your post correctly. :beer: for you?

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I will have to did a little deeper into octopi, I’ve only gotten the webcam function working and it will occasionally connect so I can see temps but beyond that I’ve not been successful. I’d like to get octolaspe working but haven’t had time to focus on it. Some tutorials that are snapmaker specific would be amazing. Do you think the a.i.m.s. type of ai could be added to octopi?

Thats question is better placed in octopis forum I think. I dont know, but nothing is imposible if someone does it.

Yeah i think so. There are some other devices out there something about spaghetti monster or something that looks for the messes and stops the print.

I have a connection from octopi to my smarthome (IOBroker on another pi) with this its possible to let blink all lights in the hole house when something went wrong (just kidding) or send an email or open the garage hihi. I can report the temperatures over the hole print or lightly control the printer from there.
Its a game but its nice to play with.And the IObroker plugin for octoprint is always getting better.
So come all worlds togehter (Perhaps I can tell my SM to turn on the coffeemachine befor starting 11x11 leveling M99999 Color black Sugar no :rofl:

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Haha i didnt even think about integration into my alexa or anything like that.

what a world we live in today huh??

Just a question - can I print something on your SM in the next hour perhaps? :rofl:

We could do surprice prints to another thats were freaky :ghost: