SM2.0 ignores certain gcode commands

Does snapmaker team can answer about this bug ?
You never give exact answer about the bugs can you please be more involved. You guys only answer 1/5 questions on this forum.
We want snapmaker team to be more involved


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Update please SM team

Sorry I’ve been off for a while.

What’s the issue here? Are we still on the issue of M900 not working if it’s in the start script?

Thank you for revisiting this.

The issue is as posted above that M900 Kx.xx commands within a g-code file do nothing. This is evidenced by the images I posted on March 8th.

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@parachvte Has there been any progress on this?

you’ve probably solved it but you can print the K value test over usb-serial connection, this way it will respond. i’ve found any K value between 0.05 and 0.08 to be really good

I agree. I’m at 0.08 myself.

Yeah I gave him a tutorial over forum message for K value calibration

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0.08 is exactly what I set mine to as well!

Can we please get some response from the SM team, even just to say you are looking into this issue? The last meaningful input from an SM employee was Feb 27th, since then @parachvte had asked me to reiterate the issue which I did on the same day (April 10).

I have been very patient thus far and still am but the consistent radio silence on this issue is beginning to get frustrating…

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M600 also doesn’t work as excepted on SM2

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Why I have the feeling we are talking to a wall with snapmaker team ?
I don’t see any improvement on this problem with the new firmware update ?

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Sorry for late response, while I was unable to reproduce the issue, I postponed it and I started learning firmware as well to reproduce issues you mentioned.

As I mentioned above, we didn’t modify the M900 command (I didn’t even use M900 before reading the topic).
After a few tries, I realized that why you failed to set K factor is that you were using the G-code generated on Marlin website. Commands with specific comment could be ignored by the firmware.

The line that sets K factor as below, these are two "K"s in the line which cause the G-code parser unable to parse the value (1.6) correctly.

M900 K1.6 ; set K-factor

If you change the comment to lower case, it will work as expected.

M900 K1.6 ; set k-factor

Edit: I did tested K from 0-2, but didn’t test smaller values like 0-0.2, wondering if the difference is visible…

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I will give this a try, thank you very much for finding the root cause of the issue!

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M600 is disable on SM 2.0 firmware.

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Hi C.Harris, Did this solve it? I’m keen to make sure as a noob here that I’ve got everything set up right before starting more complex prints.

Hi there, the newer firmware definitely makes temperature change commands work properly. I have yet to try parachvte’s fix for linear advance.

Could you please share the tutorial with me? I don’t have much experience and trying to calibrate the k-factor as well…

Shared this on a different thread

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