Possible bug: M600 ignored if followed by M109, M106 (manual gcode editing issue)

I’ve been experimenting with sprinking a few commands into my gcode so I can change the filament during a print. In particular, I’m now adding the M600 command at the end of a layer to initiate a filament change before the next layer begins, and it works as expected on my Snapmaker 2.0 250. :+1:

However, if I follow M600 with an M109 (change the hotend temperature and wait for it), and M106 (change the fan speed) then the M600 is ignored.


M109 R235
M106 S128

I’ve tried either having all the commands together, or the M600 before the end of layer, and the M109 and M106 at the start of the next layer. In both cases, the M600 is ignored.

I can set the temperature manually on the SnapMaker panel during filament change - so I have a workaround, but I wanted to report this as it seems a little buggy on first impression. (It’s also possible I’ve misunderstood something important about how gcode works?)

Thanks for the info! What’s is your firmware version?

@Snapmaker-Support and @Riskey should probably be aware of this.
Did write an email to support?

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Hi - thanks.

In fairness, I’ve been on firmware version Snapmaker2_V1.14.3_20220617 and I hadn’t updated at time of writing. I’ll update and run the experiment again.

I hadn’t emailed the support address, either. I’ll update here and email support if there’s still an issue after the update.

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Hi instantiator, if the bug still persists after you update the latest firmware, please let me know and I’ll report this to our R&D.