Is M600 (Filament Change) Available on the Snapmaker

WOrking to write some custom code to change filament so wondering to save some time if the Snapmaker will work with the Marlin M600 command (Change Filament).

Anyone try it? If not I’m going to write some script to insert at point of color change to save position to variables, move to a specified safe position, pause, change filament, run a purge and then resume using the saved variables.

How much of the Marlin G-Code is available in the Snapmaker?



We look forward to your experiences


Did you try the color change G-Code?

I haven’t learn G-Code yet, but I would be comfortable editing a file to insert additional commands. If you work out a good system, can you post your G-Code here? That might be the incentive I need to learn it.

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Was able to get a list from Snapmaker on which G/M codes were activated from the Marlin list and I might be able to make it work but doubt it will work with SnapmakerJS it will have to be run thru Cura or Simplify3d. Working on it this weekend.

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Hi, did this topic end here? How did it go enlightenonq?

It´s not implemented like it should.- octoprint might be able to do so with a special plugin for bad implemented M600, but haven´t tested yet.

Thank you. Yes I just tried it and did not work.

Sorry for the late reply.
M600 is not enabled.

Here is a gcode.cpp code for your (9.9 KB)
Bright yellow characters are supported, dark yellow characters are not supported at this time.

Hey @Edwin, would the M600 command released in the future?

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Thank you Edwin. Any other command that you know could create the pause and then a way to resume printing?



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Hi @jesuza,

I am sorry that Snapmaker Luban does not support any G-code commands with pause and resume.
You can stop or pause the print in the console of Luban.

Best regards

Hey @Edwin,
if we print and pause from luban (pause buttons are also on the touchscreen, wondering why you show this as solution), we need filament-runout-protection also for external, not only for the touchscreen, please!

Pause and Resume over gcode
Filament-Runout not only for touchscreen (for example needed for octoprint, luban, …)

And please 701/702 as well, to be able to change the filament in octoprint (with the simple filament change plugin).

A lot has moved forward in the last few months. Has any movement happened on this Stop/Pause for filament change angle?


hasn’t been a firmware update.


Did you manage to do the filament change. If so I urgently would appreciate your support!!

No was not completed.

Carl E. Ondraka

I really need it and cant understand why it is not possible with Snapmaker. Every cheap machine is able to support this function

Most snapmaker users are hitting pause swapping material and resuming.

Carl E. Ondraka

It is possible

(not sure if you print from Luban, but it does when running from the touchscreen)
And your firmware must be up to date