Is M600 (Filament Change) Available on the Snapmaker


WOrking to write some custom code to change filament so wondering to save some time if the Snapmaker will work with the Marlin M600 command (Change Filament).

Anyone try it? If not I’m going to write some script to insert at point of color change to save position to variables, move to a specified safe position, pause, change filament, run a purge and then resume using the saved variables.

How much of the Marlin G-Code is available in the Snapmaker?



We look forward to your experiences



Did you try the color change G-Code?

I haven’t learn G-Code yet, but I would be comfortable editing a file to insert additional commands. If you work out a good system, can you post your G-Code here? That might be the incentive I need to learn it.


Was able to get a list from Snapmaker on which G/M codes were activated from the Marlin list and I might be able to make it work but doubt it will work with SnapmakerJS it will have to be run thru Cura or Simplify3d. Working on it this weekend.