Slicing destroys model

Ok, so I have a pretty simple model. No issues in Slic3r or on the Prusa. When I slice this, though, this is the result I get. I attempted to print but it turned out just like you see it here. None of the shaft was even joined. Totally hollow even though infill is 25%. Using Luban 3.13.1. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Are you positive the model is actually joined in the stl?
Might want to check it in meshmixer or meshlab.
I had one that I created and printed and when I went to pull it off the bed it pulled apart. When I went and checked it I realized that when I had positioned the two shapes together there was a .01mm gap. I couldn’t see it when I rotated it but when I printed it it printed as two separate pieces.

The model is 100% manifold. So, I haven’t had time to go through all the setting but these were the base settings that the Snapmaker vase model uses. When I swithed to “normal” print settings this issue went away. I’m not sure what settings would totally remove surfaces but at least I’ve gotten around it. Thanks!!

luban sucks. use the prusaslicer instead if you are familiar with it. everyone moves past luban, its just for the first timers to play with.

In Luban and Cura, I like to run through the layers and print head movements to see if I can spot any problems ahead of time. I usually focus on the first layer and any places I suspect might need supports. I’ve caught a few errors by noticing that the print head makes a wall in places that I think it shouldn’t, like sdj544’s example of a part with a tiny gap in it.

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