Problem with model (slicer or printer?)

I’m using luban 4.10.2
I also have up to date firmawe in my J1 printer.
Yesterday I met strange situation. Stl was exported to usb stick and then printed. After >10h of PLA printing the indicator reach 100%, but model was not fully printed…

  1. Is it bad slicing process and luban issue
  2. or maybe it is the j1 printer issue?
  3. how I can report it to support?
  4. are there any limitations at input gcode models? (maybe it’s too complicated)
  5. should I use different format/slicer whatever?

In attachment stl file and photos of output model
attachments: Access via Synology

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Did you perhaps accidentally move the slider down?

Yep, I tried to inspect interior of this model (in the same way how I use cura clicer)

So I guess it’s not only inspector layer-by-layer, but also kind of z-axis lock… am I right?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that.

I tried to replicate it with use of temp. tower but without any result. No idea what was wrong.
Next try tomorrow…

  1. You have to look at the gcode to know that. If you open it with note editor and search for “G1 Z” you should be able to see if the whole model was sliced…

  2. Yes probably

  3. Write an email to snapmaker support?

  4. The model should be “watertight”. Frequent retractions can also be challenging for the J1 and its extruder.

  5. Luban works but personally I would recommend using another slicer…

Thanks for your response Rwide - can you tell me something more about this watertighting process (4)? I’m not sure about what we are talking about… smoothing model? or something else?

(5) I agree but it’s simple/easy tool and tree support works better than in cura slicer (in my opinion ofc.)

You can read more about it here:

Your model for example was not “watertight”. However, it is usually a simple fix in most cases. If I remember Luban correctly, it will prompt the user with a mesage that there are problems with the model and asks if the user wants them fixed…

In your case i dont think that was the reason for failure though. I think more likely caused by temporary clogging because of frequent retractions and a somewhat poorly designed extruder/hotend…

What retraction distance are you using? Maybe try lowering it could be a good idea…

yes, it was fixed with use of luban default behavior. thank you for the link

retraction was used from default profile. But I think there is another problem. If you look again at posted images then you see that model is finished before last layer. j1 anounce 100% success without any problmes. but it was not true because there were still 10-30 layers todo. Now I started printing again but with different nozzle (0.6) just for fun and to avoid nozzle clogging (yep it was another problem).

btw. I bought this printer to avoid printing problems. before I used ender 3 s1pro. now I see that 3d printers and problems are synonyms :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but default is not a number. You can just expect using the default profile from a company like Snapmaker to be the end of it. Remember, this is the same company that sold/sells 3dprinters without properly lubed linear rails. Thats like selling a car without engine oil in it… :sweat_smile:

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I bought one seeking an easy life, coming from an Ender 5 - and noooooooo way. J1 is a very fussy printer. I have printed a lot of great things on it now, but it takes a lot of work.

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ok, so the final solution was problem with wifi connection (I guess). Each time I’m trying to reproduce this issue it’s working correctly (I’m happy :stuck_out_tongue: )

BUT, in meantime my extruder start clogging maybe because of eko-filament (I used well known producer but with eco prefix and it’s clogging 2 times per hour. its terrible). or maybe because of extruder (other PLAs also finally stucked) finally one of extruder stopped permanently (left one). Now I’m talking with user support how to fix it. It’s something between hotend and radiator but still investigation is in progress…

finally answer for the

Yep you are totally right. I love this printer for calibration process (much faster than my old ender s1 pro), pretty good settings for supports in luban and hard case/enclosure for printer but still problems are inherent in printing :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll see what time brings… At this moment I’m not selling the Ender yet

I tried this slider twice but it’s only for inspections of slicer layers. It is not stopping anything at all. but thanks for your reply

There are a few things you can do to fix these clogging issues…

  • lower the retraction distance
  • put some high quality cooling paste on the heatbreak
  • get a bimetal heatbreak
  • use a filament oiler/cleaner
  • wait for the soon to be released hotend
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