Slicer Issue, shifting horizontally

I am trying to print a 195 mm hollow globe that is illuminated by LED. The STL is perfect but when sliced, the model shifts horizontally on about 3/4 of the model. Good it happens on screen and not on the A350 but i would really like to print this product. Any suggestions ?

Well, you could try a different slicer and see if it does any better. If not, the STL may be broken in some way that isn’t immediately obvious.

Share the model here, so @parachvte maybe could find the bug.

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Thx Chris,

I hope the WeTransfer link works…

Shifted during slicing

Wow this is a huge model. Are you sure this would properly print?- It´s a very long print xD.

Without supports, your pipe would print in mid air.- This needs to be adjusted anyway.
I would suggest to slice such a big project with cura, prusaslicer or s3d.

Start with a miniature model (like 35%) of it to be safe your settings will work.

You are right Chris. Pretty big print…but i like it :grinning:. Special project. That part slides onto a evaporating humidifyer with colored LED’s so the globe is lit and “smoke” comes out of the joint. You know Dutch people… It is a gift for a Dutch partner that we are starting a joint venture with. Requires something special.

The file i sent didn’t include the supports i created but i did do a 1/2 size one before just to see how it would hold up.

Have to say this is a huge model.

I have forwarded this issue to @parachvte , and our software team will look into it.

Will update the progress here.


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Very much appreciated Edwin.

I haven’t been sitting still myself and wanted to share something that could save time and point at the correct direction. I have been drawing in Solid Edge for 20+ years and that software is typically used for mechanical constructions and very limited as far as modifying imported STL files is concerned. The Globe in the file is a downloaded file that i had to modify a bit to merge wiith my SE files so i downloaded meshmixer to modify and merge the files.

I have done some tests with only the globe and pretty much performing the modifications (cut and remove material) and compared slicing the original file and the modified file.

My conclusion is that the shifting is a result of the Meshmaker modifications. The wierd thing is that when the modified globe is imported into Luban is looks perfect, but when sliiced, it doesn’t.