"slanted" printing after new linear rails installed

I just installed a new set of the next gen linear rails. When I print now, the prints are “slanted”, by which I mean that every new layer moves forward on the Y axis. The bed is not shifting during print, and bed adhesion is excellent. The rails appear to have full range of motion - the head goes to the top left, then homes correctly to the bottom left, and appears to move up correctly during print. The bed moves on the Y axis using the controller to the full length. There are no unusual noises, no catching, no jerking in motion.

I’ve used both newly sliced models, and models that were previously sliced and ran successfully and both have the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

There was another user with this issue a little while ago, let me see if I can find it. Is this what you’re seeing?

This is resolved. For anyone who comes along later, I did a factory reset on the machine, and that solved the problem.

Hypothesis: I ran a calibration set on the machine after replacing the rails, and saved some settings directly, One of them was probably bad.

I don’t think so. Resetting to factory settings solved id.