Simplify3D machine control - port?

Has anyone figured out how to get Machine Control in Simplify3D to connect to the Artisan? I can’t seem to get mine to connect. When running manually, I’m not sure what port to enter.

Machine control only works by serial connection.
For wifi you would need the authentification token and i havent read about someone who got it to work, at least the 2.0…

It’s easy to pull the token, but I never heard of simplify3d being used for snapmaker…

I was able to find a thread containing the port and token method, but I’m not sure if it is appicable to the Artisan control.
Luban is great. My 3D printing experience prior to SnapMaker was such that the Simplify3D software was a great alternative to the manufacturer supplied software. It’s really a great product. I guess I should do some test prints with simple USB transfer first, to see if it is worth it compared to Luban.

You can send the s3d generated gcode with luban or alternative way over wifi.

I had not thought to try sending over Luban workspace, that is a perfect solution! Thank you so much :slight_smile: