Luban 3.5 - No option to send via wifi

I have been following the tutorials and so far the device is amazing. The software however seems to be a bit glitchy. I am curious if others are finding this as-well and maybe someone has found a way around the issue.

Issue - The software recognizes the device, and sends a connection request. The request is accepted and the toolhead is correctly identified and the correct generator is selected (Laser, 3D printer, CNC).

I load the file (so far only tested on Laser and 3d Printer). I “Process” or “Generate G Code” and send to the workspace. about 40% of the time at this point, the option to “Send to SnapMaker via Wifi” is greyed out and it will not allow me to send. The device still shows its "connected’ and provides a prompt to “disconnect”. The Luban sofware on the main gui page shows im still connected to the device, but the option to send via wi-fi is unavailable.

The only option I have found is to hit the RED “STOP” button and disconnect the device and reconnect. Typically after this bug, the connection is easily established again, and the send via wifi is now enabled after re-importing and going through the g-code of processesing phase.

This is not only annoying, but costs alot of time because if you are tweaking the processes of the laser or the g-code these changes have to be re-entered, etc.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


do you mean the below is greyed? Is the machine running the latest firmware?

I am having the same issue. The printer connects to WIFI, however Luban has issues connecting, and/or keeping a connection open. I’ve restarted the router, the printer, and the computer with no luck.

Hi Byanik,
Did you use the latest Luban, 3.5.0?
Here is the latest firmware of the machine, Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates and Downloads
Please upgrade it first. Then try again. If the issue still exists, can you show me a picture of the Luban issue page? Thank you

Updated firmware seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you!

That’s great! Thank you for letting me know.