Simple Vector Shapes for Laser Engraving

Is it possible in Luban to draw simple vector shapesfor the laser engraving. It would be useful to be able to draw squares or circles around imported engraving images for cut lines to cut the engraving from a larger stock. I am currently getting around this by drawing a shape in Inkscape and importing that in to Luban to define the cut path, but it would be much easier to be able to draw the shapes directly in there.


Safe your squares and your circles and import it from you database.
You must make anyway two layers, one to engrave and one to cut.

That is what I am doing currently. I was just asking as it would be easier to be able to just create the shapes directly in Luban.

Is there a tutorial on the layers. I tried a cut later and engrave layer, buy when it was sent to the device, it simply did the cut layer over and over until I had to turn it off. It was setup that the cut layer would have 2 passes, but something obviously was incorrect and it was repeating that layer.