Laser engraving with different colors and single processes

Hi there,

isn’t it possible to have one .svg file where vectors have different colors (e.g. black for cutting and red for filling) being processed in Luban?
As far as I can see Luban ignores colors within an .svg file and handle everything “as one thing”.
So if I e.g. want to engrave certain parts (“red”) and cut certain parts (“black”), I have to make two seperate files with only red and black in each.
Am I right or have I missed something?
Thanks a lot!

Luban does not have the capabilities to work with layers. You’ll have to break the SVG up and process them separately.

What a pitty, thought so.
Would be a necessary feature for a CAM, by the way…

Oh their CAM is even less featured. It can do either cut along line, or image to engraves. I’ve never done a full CNC project in Luban. I managed around for laser for awhile.

Lightburn might be your friend here, it nicely does what you describe. IMHO it is worth its price, can only recommend to buy it.