Laser engraving from SVG

First and foremost apologies if this question is too obvious. I’m really new to this and I feel like this is a bit of a stupid question but I can’t find an answer here nor the rest of the Internet.

How to engrave from an SVG? I know to cut I just need to create a shape and set the stroke to red.

To engrave from an SVG it seems to depend from laser cutter to laser cutter. Some use the fill color with greyscale or green/grey/blue or some other combination. However I can’t seem to find what would be this mechanism in Luban/Snapmaker 2 A350.

I have found thow that it is quite straight forward with a greyscale image, but in order to be very exact with what I’m doing I’d really like to do it from the SVG.


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There’s a selection to “fill” in Luban when using vector.
You’ll need to figure out power/speed settings through trial and error depending on your material.

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