Sending job to printer via wifi changes

Hi guys. I had my A350 switched off for about 6 months. I’m printing again now, so the first thing I did was update Luban and the firmware. I’m probably missing something obvious but I need help. With the previous version, I would send the job to the printer via wifi and take over on the printer controller screen to start the job and I could turn off my computer. With this new version, I clicked the “play” icon to start the job. I noticed that it transfers the file and starts. It’s now still printing (2 day print job!) but the printer lcd screen warns that it has lost connection with Snapmaker Luban and “print job will stop if confirm”. Have I gone about this the wrong way? I don’t want my pc on once I send the job. I can do it via the usb stick if need be. Where has the send to printer via wifi gone? Ta. Jim.

You just need to open the gcode file and preview the file. Then there is an option to send to device via wifi after connecting to your snapmaker and the gcode file is open.

The play button is for printing live from the computer. That is not what you want.

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Thanks heaps Eddie… When this job finishes in a day or 2 I’ll give it a go. Too scared to do anything atm in case I stop the job with the warning on the screen. If it stops I doubt I’ll be able to resume with what I did. Ta. Jim

Eddie. My 3 day job completed successfully.
I thought I’d have another look. Still can’t find the send to printer option.
I’ve done a couple of screen dumps…

Can you give me any pointers?
cheers again. Jim.

It’s in the collapsed side menu


@brent113 is correct. In your second screenshot, it looks like you’ve collapsed the right menu. It will be towards the top of that menu.

Also see here for the snapmaker youtube tutorial if you need a visual: