Selling A350 at a very low price (€350). Read the terms

Hello everyone,
A while ago I was printing a project.
After some hours, I checked it and the machine was stuck.
I tested the movements of axes with “control” function and the X was stuck.
I opened it, and found the pcb was burnt, So I ordered a new pcb and installed it.
Now all the axes won’t move.
I sent the debug logs to assistance and they replied there’s a problem with the right Y axis connected to the X controller. So they sold me another pcb.

Now, I have no patience, at all.
I need to print some new pieces to finish an urgent project and I don’t want to test, retest, spend weeks with the assistance, so I’ll stick to a new machine.

If anyone is techy enough and interested to figure out what’s going on, I will sell the machine for 350€, shipping excluded.

I bought the A350 in 2020, used the laser module 15 times, the 3d print module for 5 projects and never touched the CNC.
The machine will be sold as it is, I can send every picture/video you want.
I will also include the new pcb that is still sealed in the package…

I’m the owner of a store located in Italy, the package will be sent from here to anywhere in the world.
Some of the original packing of the machine were thrown away while mounting the machine years ago, so I will include every original one and provide for the rest to make a secure shipping package.

To anyone interested, you can contact me:
WhatsApp: 351753084

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Do you still have the A150 for sale?

Hello ambidavis, yes, my snapmaker is still for sale, since I have no time to disassemble it and figure out what’s going on. Please mind, the model is A350, the biggest one.

Hi Alessio,
I had also written to the email you indicated but I did not receive a response.

To begin with, I am from Spain, would you ship to Spain?

I would like you to summarize the state of the machine, since after reading your explanation of the problems it has not been entirely clear to me.

From what I understand, first the X axis broke, and after changing the internal control PCB of the linear module, all the axes stopped working because you badly connected one of the Y linear modules to the X controller. Is that so?

When all the axes stop working, did any more PCB of any linear module damaged?

If you prefer, we can talk directly by email.


Hello David, so I’ll try my best to explain the current state of the machine.
This year on august the machine stopped working while printing a project. After trying to understand what’s happened, I found out a pcb of an axis was burned (see attached file).
So I wrote to snapmaker assistance and John from assistance responded me:
After receiving the piece, I personally changed the piece on the axis but after putting all back together the machine was not working yet. So I contacted again the assistance and they asked me for logs, which I sent them.
After their analysis John responded:

After telling him everything was connected correctly, he wrote me:

At this point my patience was lacking, but I still bought the piece and it arrived in my store.
The point is I have no time/experience to figure all this out by myself so I decided to sell the machine at a very discounted price. If you are willing to figure out and you’re able to do this, you get a good deal and with the money I buy a cheaper 3d printer to finish my project (I’m printing a signage for my shop).
Please let me know if you need any other info/picture/video.
I’m located in Italy, Spain is not a problem since we’re close.

Hi Alessio,

The conversations with the John from Snapmaker support do not appear in the post.

Please, send me the conversations so I can understand it.

The machine is the A350, the original version, not the A350T, is that correct?
Do you include the 3 modules and the power supply?

If you want you can continue the conversation by email, check your spam to find my email that I wrote you on 11/24/2022