Where to sell or trade A350?

This machine is bad for my mental health and I need to get rid of it. Where’s the best place to sell or trade this piece of garbage? Is there a buyback program??? Seriously, I need to get out of this ecosystem. I HATE IT.

Wanna FDM print something? Lol it’s capped at 250C cuz of the Teflon-lined heatbrake and constantly finds ways to jam/fail. I run high temp and high warp materials just fine on other machines. Only the SnapMaker is constantly broken and needs fixing. When it’s working, part quality is mediocre as hell.

Wanna mill something? Lol with what system rigidity and with an extremely underpowered spindle? You won’t get anything done with a material that matters. I guess you can mill carbon fiber REALLY SLOWLY and with zero extraction. Enjoy the cancer.

Wanna laser engrave something? Gonna need to pony up $500 for the 10W toolhead, the included one isn’t gonna do shit in a reasonable amount of time.

If you don’t like getting things done and making things, this is the machine for you. I fucking hate this thing.

I will trade my enclosure, A350, rotary module, and e-stop for an LDO VORON 2.4r2 kit. That’s over a $1k loss for me and I will take it in a heartbeat.

Several people have been successful in selling machines on the forums, though you could also list it on eBay or the FaceBook group.
Though the machine definitely has limitations and historically has had some QA issues, it is perfectly fine for many users. As such, I would suggest just saying that the machine is up for sale and that you are getting rid of it because you need higher temp printing or a more powerful CNC.
I personally do not have room for another machine at the moment, so I would only be interested in the rotary module, but it is most likely out of my current budget.

If ultimately you decide to keep it or are unable to sell it, the members of the forum are happy to help troubleshoot, I would just recommend asking questions with a level head as rant posts are typically ignored.

Beyond that, I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do, and have a nice day.

The 250ºC and 1.6W laser engraver are published specs. I can’t really complain that the machine doesn’t exceed them. If you’re looking to exceed the 250ºC, there is a post from a user that replaced their hotend with an all metal hotend. Although actually going over 250ºC probably requires modified firmware too, idk.

Wanna mill something? Lol with what system rigidity and with an extremely underpowered spindle?

I was disappointed about the v2 rigidity, especially since it was unexpected compared to the Original. You shouldn’t have to do this, but several users in the forum have taken matters into their own hands, and gotten much better stability from the CNC.

Personally, I don’t mind that it’s not the fastest machine out there. I’d rather go slow and keep the accuracy. My machine sits idle most of the time, so if a job takes a little longer than expected, it doesn’t impact me.

Troll. Sig says it all…

its not necessarily trolling to hate a company, OP could have legit (but overdramatized) reasons. The main issue is that OP bought the thing before reading about its capabilities, then got angry at snapmaker… Mental health was also mentioned so trolling and delusions get confused a lot… good catch tho.

Want to sell SnapMaker 2.0 A350T c/w enclosure, slightly used. Will deeply discount. I have upgraded to Artisan.

Price and (shipping-) location would be interesting.

Hi xchrisd

Right now the unit is in Victoria British Columbia Canada. I would pay for shipping if you do not happen to be nearby.

This unit has been fully assembled and then just used for a few hours, because the upgraded Artisan came along.

The price is negotiable. Other than brand-new units, the only prices I was able to find online are $1500 new and $821 for the enclosure. I am willing to negotiate downward – let us say $1500 for the unit + enclosure. But any reasonable offer would be accepted.

Thanks, Stan