xy axes rock very loudly and rattle

Hello everyone.
I’ve had a new A350 3D printer since February.
This initially delivered a very, very good print image.
Over time, about 4 weeks and 2-4 kg of filament, the XY axes become louder and louder.
The print bed on the Y axes begins to rock and also has an unusually large amount of play. At the end of the print bed, 0.2-0.3mm was measured in the Z direction.
The X-axis rattles when moving faster.

I also wrote this to support, with pictures and videos.
In response I get links to some FAQs or YouTube videos.

The device is now a month old and support responds as if they don’t care. The 14 day return period is over.

Sounds like assembly issues. Check and retighten all the bolts. Disassemble and reassemble, that’s always a last resort.

Is actually quite good if that’s just a result of flexing. But if it’s a very slack movement then it’s worth investigating.

The carriages in the rails are loose and rattle.

I would like to make it clear again here.
The printer worked very, very well at the beginning and delivered top printers.
It makes a good and very stable impression.

3-4 kg of filament have now been processed in approx. 4 weeks.
Both Y-axes rattle and the table rocks when moving.
Yes, everything was dismantled and reassembled again. All screws were tightened to M4 aluminum torque.

We placed the print bed on a measuring table and found that it was 0.5mm crooked.
No, there was no crash!

Meanwhile the X-axis is also rattling and the print head is rocking.

Qualitative printouts are currently no longer possible.
The nozzle constantly gets clogged due to rocking.

I’ve been writing this to support for more than a week.
In response there are links to FAQs and YouTube videos.

I don’t want training for the Internet, I want a working 3D printer!

The print bet should not have any kind of play, it should be mounted rock solid.

I agree what @snapUser stated: Check all assembly parts and make sure they are assigned properly.
What was the support response?
My experience was good so rar. Quick reply, on the topic.

Both the print head and the print bed were dismantled.
It was possible to determine by hand that the slides in the linear axes were loose.

If the cover (sheet metal strip) is loosened, the carriages rattle.

If G2/3 moves a circle with approx. 60mm/s and 200mm diameter, it sounds like there is sand in the gear, very loud!
These vibrations are visible on the print surface.

In the X axis, the spindle can be moved minimally in the X direction, approx. 0.1mm.

As it’s quite new, does it have the Mk2 linear rails?

Regarding the return period, which country are you in?

The device was purchased in the EU store at the beginning of February and is now about 4 weeks old.

please what?

That looks like the newer ones. I have the old ones so not quite sure what the new ones look like. The old ones were notorious for the carriages loosening up, hence the instructions that are available here to dis-assemble them and tighten them up if necessary.

Something can break anywhere, but after 4 weeks -

The support avoids the guarantee and constantly avoids it.

I bought a printer to produce parts and not to have something to tinker with.

You didn’t answer which country.
In the UK, you can return a faulty item for refund within one month. And for repair or replacement within 12 months.

It’s germany.
But that doesn’t help me because support doesn’t really respond to it.
At first they wanted photos. Then it was said that this is the new model, nothing will break and it is completely normal for it to make noise.
I sent them the result of M420V. 0.6mm is completely normal and nothing is crooked.
If the table rises 0.2mm to 0.3mm when moving, that’s okay.
Since the printer no longer works properly, it has now been dismantled. The space is needed for another printer.
Now I should make videos again of how the table moves. If I don’t do that they will stop helping me again.

That depends on the dealer. Minimum is 2 weeks, but more and more offer 30 days of refund. That is valid also for devices which are not faulty, but if it does not meet your expectations.

If a device is faulty, you have to accept one repair attempt by the dealer. If this fails as well, you can request a return and refund

And if support doesn’t want to know anything about it and brushes it off?

Not totally correct; check the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (UK)

You must have a similar law in Germany. Mention that to Snapmaker EU. If bought by credit card the card company can also help.

The purchase was over 4 weeks ago. There’s not much that can be regulated from that side.

All correspondence is now with the lawyer and will be reported if Snapmaker does not meet the restoration deadline.

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I am talking about Germany. Sorry, i didn’t mention that. It was a reply to your question about the country.