Selling my Snapmaker 2.0 A350

Delivered last week of September 2021. All is working just fine and is very very good conditions.
Some time ago bought a xTool D1 10W laser, so don’t use the laser on the SM 2, then had the need for a little bigger CNC which I had someone else do it for me. At this point it calls me to have three bigger machines, main reason for selling the A350.
Run out sensor broke on the 3D printing module, they sent me a new sensor, but never put in due to finding the time to do it, new sensor comes with the machine of course.
Have an extra matte for 3D printing and an extra top for the CNC.
Everything else is mint.

$1,300.00 plus shipping (not sure I can pack everything the exact same way it came in)

Or local pick up, Pensacola, FL.

Leave a message if interested.


I’ve been kicking around the idea of upsizing my A250. Is yours the A350T with the new type of linear modules and upgraded print head? If it’s the original A350 then I have bad news for you. It’s selling for $1259 in the Snapmaker store.

Mine is the original A350. Holy Cow, didn’t realized that. Guess I owe an apology to everyone here, don’t want to give the impression on being unrealistic. Although have to say that included with it are two extra flex plate for 3D printing and two extras of the CNC plate. Have to rethink price then, do you have an offer by any chance?

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