Rotate around z-axis in workspace view

Greetings everyone:

I’m new to 3d printing and snapmaker, but Ive already had a lot of fun with my A350 printing and laser etching (have not yet tried CNC). I’ve also climbed the initial blender learning curve to start modelling my own objects.

I’m having a really simple problem with Luban, and a search online and in these forums isn’t yielding an answer. I’ve also tried looking at the Luban guides from snapmaker, but they are rather limited.

Here’s my question… Is there a way fo rotate around the Z-axis in the WORKSPACE view of luban (the view when you review the g-code just prior to printing)? The mouse only seems to rotate around the x and y axes. I also want to visually see how things look around the Z axis, but I cant seem to find any keyboard/mouse combination that lets me rotate that way.


Hi @terence

You can rotate the model around the X axes and Y axes now. The position of the mouse in space is mapped to the XOY plane to form a datum point through which it can be rotated around the x and y axes.

Because it is hard to make the reference point to the ZOY plane, you are not allowed to rotate the model around the Z axis.

If you tilt it on it’s side, then if you click and drag up & down it will let you rotate around the z.


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First of all, thanks for the authoritative and quick response.
Secondly, Im glad to know Im not crazy and that I was missing something obvious.

<commentary removed, as sdj544’s work around is sufficient>

@sdj544, for a second I thought you were joking.

But this actually works.

It’s a good work around to at lease visually inspect the visual depiction of the gcode.

Thank you!

Nope, but you will need to lie down while doing it. :wink: