Can't rotate in Z Axis ver. 3.12.3

When I try to rotate a .stl file in the Z axis in Luban 3.12.3 the X axis value changes and the model doesn’t rotate correctly. I am trying to print two of the same model and trying to reduce the free travel between models.

Does it correctly for me. (mac version of 3.12.3)
Screen grabs of what it’s doing?


If I change any rotation by itself it works. However, when I change one, this case X and then change Z the model rotates on it’s original axis orientation, not the machine X,Y,Z orientation.
This shows the model as it imports into Luban. It won’t print with this orientation and needs to be rotated 90 degrees to put the face down

This image shows the model rotated 90 deg. in X to get the face down. Sorry for the skewed orientation but needed to show the rotation menu.

I then wanted to rotate the model so it was pointing the other direction which would be on the machine Z axis. As you can see the X value changed from +90 to -90. This change was done by the program, not from my input. I realize on this model I didn’t need the second rotation, but I was doing it on another model attempting to print 2 parts back to back to save head travel.

After playing with it some I came to the conclusion the rotation is referenced on the model from the original orientation of model when it is loaded, not the machine orientation as shown in Luban. Thus, depending on how the model is first rotated subsequent rotations will be affected. In this case the model Y axis became the machine Z axis.

What happens if you right click and “lay flat selected model”
And then manipulate z?


Lay flat does nothing. It stays in the original position. I have loaded 3.13.0 and get the same results as in 3.12.3

Haven’t had this be a problem with any of the models I’ve used.
If I do rotate something I usually am doing it exactly 90 or 180º and type it in.

Is this an stl you found somewhere or did you create it?
If you created it can you change the orientation there?


This is an .stl I downloaded. There is no problem when I just change a single axis. Yes, I type in the 90 or 180. Now that I know what happens I can work around it.

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(Attachment MontanaMasks.stl is missing)

I tried uploading the file, but was to big.
Here is the Thingiverse link Montana Mask with Guard by kevinmichaeldudley - Thingiverse