Luban Issue? Or 3D Printer Issue? Final Print Orientation


I have an object that is in the correct orientation when I bring it into Luban (pic 1). It stays in the correct orientation when I run G-Code (pic 2). Stays in the correct orientation when I Load the G-Code to the Workspace (pic 3). But it prints in a mirrored orientation (pic 4).

Anybody have any ideas?

Additional information . . . When I move the 3D print item in X and Y plane in the Luban workspace, the final print is correctly oriented in the X plane (i.e. if I move the object left and right on the screen, the final placement will be where the last place I moved it to). But if I move in the Y plane (forward and backwards), the final print location will be the INVERSE of the last place I moved it to.

I was thinking of starting a separate thread for this topic, but the more I think about it, it may be the cause of the issue above.

Sounds an awful lot like something is hooked up backwards, which would make it a hardware issue. What happens if you try to jog the print head (either from the touchscreen or by hooking into the USB port and sending g-code commands)? Is the Y-axis travel still reversed?


Thats an interesting idea ellory, i dont know how that could be the case, but maybe the connector on the module was inserted backwards (which is doable) but usually when that happens something goes bad.

if your linear module was plugged in backwards i dont know the reprecussions, but i do know if you plug in a toolhead backwards the controller and the toolhead get damaged, so if that is what happened id say consider yourself lucky it was that one instead of another.

I think perhaps this would have been noticable when the machine goes home, but maybe i am wrong i dont know. I guess if i sit and think about it, everything could be mirrored and still perform calibrations and stuff, it would just be confused about where its at.

The thing is if Y is backwards, the touch screen jog is going to be a confusing way to look at it. Because DOWN should send the machine away from you and UP should bring it towards you, but when standing there, down you would think goes towards you.

i am not certain the motors are running on pulses in one pin or another to move backwards of forwards, i suppose that may be how it works and could also explain it. looking at a module connector it certainly is possible to plug in backwards, but i dont know what pins are what on there, if the big pins are the forward and reverse and the small pins are used for ground, that could be the case, but i dont know thats the case.

other ways of thinking i would have are these:

I was thinking maybe in luban you didnt define the right model machine, or perhaps whatever version of luban you are on has a bug that would explain this.

Also perhaps maybe the linear modules are installed on the build plate backwards?

Can you show picture of assembly? show us how the cable hub is wired up too while you are at it for funsies

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@ElloryJaye, @MooseJuice

Thank you for your responses. For part 2 of the problem, I’ve discovered I’m an idiot. I installed the Y motors 180deg backwards! (i.e. the cable was exiting toward the front instead of the back). As this is my first 3D printer, I have no reference of where “Home” is. And I did notice the calibration pattern on the controller screen was not tracking the movement of the bed.

I have correctly installed the motors and performed a calibration. Everything lines up now.

I’ve re-started the last print and it seems to correct the “mirrored print” issue.

Please ignore any questions from me in the future! (Ugh)

Thank you for your assistance. It is much appreciated.


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we dont want to ignore your questions, we want everyone to have success so they can help us make things even better.

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