Luban not remembering object orientations and positions for 3DP

I have a 3D-printing project that contains 5 objects. Some of those objects I’ve had to rotate to optimize printing. However, when I save the project and reopen it, the objects all resume their original orientations. Is anyone else seeing this? I’m on Luban 4.8.2.

Seems like you should reach out to support - Support Ticket Form

I don’t remember anybody reporting this.

unless you model the supports in the STL it will ALWAYS reset to its linear plane.

That’s no excuse. The whole idea of the project model is to have the print ready for G-code generation immediately after opening the file. I’m used to Simplify3D, which works the way it should.

I suggest you learn to write programming then, otherwise you are no help to yourself

I retired after spending 30 years programming, so I’ve had my share. I was never one to do a half-assed job on any of the software I wrote, so I have little tolerance for it. I have opened a ticket per the suggestion by another poster.


A thing I noticed, a lot of people in community with heavy baggage of coding skill, and yet we don’t have bright minds hacking away at community version of firmware.
Hopefully one day…

They responded back to me today and confirmed that it’s a bug. They’ll try to fix it in a future release.