Luban rotating object 90 degrees in workspace

I just upgraded my SnapMaker Luban from 3.5.0 to 3.7.0 (both Windows x64 versions) and it’s now doing a very strange thing:

  1. I load an STL file into the G-Code Generator. Everything looks good.
  2. I “Generate G-code”. Everything still looks good. Skirt is around the base as it should be.
  3. I “Load G-code to Workspace”.
  4. Here’s the weird part: In the workspace my object (and skirt) is rotated 90 degrees along the X-Axis. The little icon next to the filename is also rotated and if I send the file to my printer it shows as rotated on the touch screen as well and it will print rotated. If I go back to the G-Code page everything still looks fine there.

This is totally new behavior and was not happening with version 3.5.0 of Luban. I even un-installed, 3.7.0, re-booted, and re-installed 3.7.0 and the problem persists. Running Windows 7 64-bit.

Here are some screen shots that exemplify the issue I am having: STL file, G-Code, Workbench, and screenshot of the touchscreen. The red circles in the workspace screenshot show how the object has been rotated 90 degrees on the X-Axis.

Have you tried printing the file? If so did it print as expected regardless of the preview?

If yes then I would simply email support to notify them of the bug!

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I found something that would be safe to print on it’s side and it did print normally, so the issue is with the Luban workspace and thumbnail images it generates.

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It’s just showing the top down view in the workspace isn’t it? You can change the view with a left mouse click and hold then drag.

Correct, but the point is Luban 3.5 showed it in correct orientation, both in workspace and the thumbnail. The 90 degree rotation with 3.7 is disorientating and misleading.