Luban Work areas CNC and Laser

Might be a setup issue. Just wanting to start using CNC and Laser. In Luban I set to A350. The 3D printing work area shows a box that represents the build area. But in the CNC and Laser it seems like its way bigger than what I should be able to build. And the WorkSpace area is the same… it seems to show 4 quardrents and only 1 area you can build in. Is that the case ? or can you limit the other areas to match the printer.?

For some reason (mainly that Luban is a badly written piece of software that was building upon a pre-existing piece of software that was originally intended only for 3d printing) all of the 3 different areas use slightly different workspaces and illustrate that differently.
In both cnc and laser it shows the same workspace and it does allow you to place items bigger than the work area. But if you ask it to create gcode for something larger than your machine will allow it will fail to create it with no warning. Anything you place in that workspace will have the work origin at the center of the x/y axis (0,0)
But to make sure things are confusing, when you try to use camera capture it comes up with a grid that has the usable area in the upper right quadrant.
I think it’s been fixed now in the latest version (3.13.1) , but for a long time the workspace was different and would place the path in the upper right quadrant with an arrow pointing to the center.
It’s kind of a mess.
I personally hate camera capture and think that while it’s good in theory, in practice it leaves a lot to be desired. While it works okay with something thin and close to the work board it completely falls apart on anything with any thickness. For me there are better and faster and easier ways to align things.
If you need things to have a center origin that’s easy (right click to center things automatically). If you want a lower left work origin, just line up your artwork accordingly.

I can create a huge square in CNC … and process it and load gcode and it does not seem to fail. Does it fail only if I am connected to my machine ?

I just checked and now it doesn’t choke on it. It definitely used to just lock up and say ‘unable to generate g-code’
Interestingly if I type in a large number for the size it will reset and default to 320 for the width, but then if I type some large number for the height it will change the width accordingly.
I’m not sure if it won’t let you load too large of a file to the SM still. It used to just not allow it without any warning. Can’t check now because I’m running a long print.
It does still give a warning leftover from the original SM about being smaller than 125 by 125 when you hover over it.