Rotary Modul - 3D Printing

How can I do 3D printing on a curved surface with the rotary model?

Unfortunately they decided not to support that feature when they released the rotary module.

There is probably a hacky way to do it, but I have not seen anyone try to figure one out yet.

It’s not really advisable. It would require a perfectly round object, mounted perfectly straight, and manually setting the nozzle height as well. Then, there’s no way to heat the object, so at best you’re limited to PLA, and it would also depend on what object you’re printing on, if it would stick. If it did stick, as it cools, it would deform the object, unless it was very rigid.

In the image above, it looks like rolled PEI film on a wooden dowel. In the video, you can see it deforming a little at the end of the tube. Basically it looks like they tried to best-case-scenario for the video, then just left it at that.

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Too bad, it would be great to have this feature available for experimental attempts.

I might have a go at some point if I get unlazy.

:+1: would be great!

Does the controller let you use the rotary module with the 3d printing toolhead?