Right side Z not working

Just finished building.
Initial jog operations show left side is rising or falling first then dragging right side.
Powered down and swapped cables into the splitter.
Right side still not working.

Now what?

If you’ve tried swapping cables and making sure everything is plugged in right, I’d recommend emailing support@snapmaker.com as it might be a bad module.

Did that.

Reseated the z cable from splitter to main unit. Still same.

Updating firmware JIC, but no that didn’t solve it either.

Ok, that’s interesting…

I thought I would do some further debugging, so I powered down the machine, and swapped the right (not working) Z motor with my X motor.

I left the machine partially disassembled, with X(was right Z) sitting on the table.

To no surprise, both Z motors work, but the suspect motor which is now X is also working!

I’m running a 5x5 bed cal now, but everything is looking good.