Z Axis Not Working


I’ll start a print and it will just stop responding in the middle of it. Tends to happen on larger prints. After cancelling print, jog commands are non-responsive. I’m looking at the bullshit warranty where I end up coming out of pocket for their poor engineering and wondering if I need to start spreading the word that these things are pieces of junk.


I had a similar problem. The z axis didn’t lift accordingly and the nozzle pushed the object away from the platform.

It seams that the z axis a little bit more problematic.


Got a tip on the kickstarter page to switch the z axis from port 5 to 4. I’m up and printing again, but it is a little worrisome to have it fail so early. Something about it happening due to static charge shorting out ports.


I have been using my Snapmaker quite a bit the last couple months. Today I show up and my latest print failed ~2 layers into it. The z axis would only go down… not up. After power cycling, same thing. I tried the other port because I had read before that it was a z axis port, also. It is back to working, but I have yet another reason to get a better controller working with these linear rails.

Snapmaker needs to hurry up and open source the pinouts of the modules, asap.