Strange behavior with Snapmaker 1

Hello all,

I am having some weird layer issues on my snapmaker 1. It almost looks like the hot end is scraping layers off or just skipping printing those layers. This is what I see:


Any suggestions? Looking at the head whole it prints, it almost seems to slip sometimes. I’m not sure if it is my eyes playing with me or if the x/y axis is getting caught or slipping. Unfortunately one of my skews is stripped in the y axis and I cant take the cap off to clean. I have taken it off, turned up side down and blew in it to try to remove any debris. Also, I am worried I applied to much lubricate and honestly no sure how to remove it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hmm… How much printing have you done with the printer module? This to me looks like maybe you temp is too low, or your nozzle is thinking about clogging.

It could be all sorts of things, but adjusting temp up a little would be the first and easiest thing I would try…

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Thanks @NilartPax, I will up the temp some and see if that helps.

I am almost thinking it is a clog myself though. Going to check that too. I had a failed print (lithophane on raft, not a smart idea on my part) a few days ago and the printer ran for awhile before I noticed.

Some one on Reddit suggested I check that the extruder is extruding the correct amount. Might as well add that in too.

The print head shouldn’t scape material off, at least not in the same direction. The head is floating just above the current print layer, so it shouldn’t be able to go low enough to scape the previous layer. I guess it could scrape material off on Layer 2 if Layer 1 is over extruded, but it would be scraping it off at 90º angle to the previous layer, and that’s doesn’t appear to be the case here.

I have had issues with the first layer being too close to the print bed and/or over extruding the first layer so that the extruder pushes the already-printed part up off the bed. That looks different to your print though, and produces a rough texture rather than a lined texture:

The whiter parts are not touching the bed, and flex slightly if I press on them. If I let the print continue, layer 2 pushes those bits back down, and the print finishes. Although the surface finish is rougher than I’d like.

To me, it looks like you’re under extruding, or even not extruding at all on certain passes. Were you watching when this happened? During one of my prints, the filament spool was binding. When the print head would move away from the filament spool, the extruder feeder would slip. When the head moved back towards the filament spool, it was able to feed properly. I ended up printing out one of the various thingiverse “snapmaker filament” projects to route the filament better, and it hasn’t bound since.

A clogged nozzle could do the same thing, but I would expect it to stay clogged rather than printing in one direction, then failing to print in the opposite direction. I think that pattern of every-other-line printing correctly is indicative of a filament feed slip.

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Hey @TedTheTitan ,which slicer are you using?
Did you use raft in the picture above?
May you upload your model AND gcode-files?