Problems with everything it feels like

I am at my wits end with this. I have had the Snapmaker 2 for a while now, and I am continuously having the same issues. I am having problems with the first layer of the 3D printer. I have manually leveled with the new firmware updates, and have changed out the heated nozzle for a new one. The best way that I can explain what is going on is that the printer is printing what seems like right on top of the previous line or at least very close to it. This is making the layer rise and creates different bubbling on certain parts.

I have lowered the speed of the initial layer as well as increased the heat of the bed and the nozzle itself. I have tried adjusting the extrusion width. Nothing seems to be working with it, and I usually spend hours trying to make a print that FINALLY gets the first layer right. Then when I try to go back and make another print it, I have to do the same thing all over again but it won’t work like it did last time.

Sorry for the rant, I am very frustrated and I can’t seem to find a way to fix what is going on.

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I hear you, I’ll share my story with you, it may help.


Hey thanks for that. I’m still very new to this and I am the only one in my area (that I can find) that actually messes with this kind of stuff. So from what I read, it’s basically a case by case basis since the bed just isn’t leveled right? I have a glass bed that is smaller than the perimeter of the machine (A350), so I was going to try and calibrate it by moving the glass bed around where the points are and then using paint tape (from what I have seen others do) to hold it down. Does that sound like something I should try? The commands and stuff that was talked about went right over my head, but I would love to just calibrate it the one time and be able to just keep printing.

I want to help and maybe can’t explain that well in English…

How large do you want your previous print to be?
Maybe you share your stl and or gcode with us, please?

There are many problems about the bed but I think you don’t want to print 300x300 now, right?
I am no snapmaker staff.

At this point not really. The glass bed I’m going to be working in the middle of the actual machine. I’m not home at the moment so I can’t send the gcode, but I’m trying to make just the face mask relief stuff.

If you can share some pictures of what it’s doing we can probably be of more help.

Firmware up to date?
Latest version of SM Luban? (Or next to last, this one has a couple bugs I already know of)
Bed wiped down with rubbing alcohol?
Bed frame mounted the right way up ?

Have you tried printing a simple test like the benchy boat?


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Also, have you tried adjusting z offset before starting print? Think most people with PLA are finding they need to raise .05 or .10
Calibrated extrusion?


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I have tried to fix the z offset, wiped the bed, made sure it was mounted correctly, everything is updated. That’s why everything is so frustrating

You are too near to the bed at the first spot,- how it looks on the other spots?
The bit grind would be overprinted, this is not a huge problem right now.

Looks to me like it’s over-extruding and then it’s too close (or it’s too thick) when it makes another pass and the nozzle is running through it.
If you’re slowing down the printing speed and increasing temperature you’re going to be putting down more material. I think your adjustments may be doing the opposite of what you’ve intended. I think most people have found the stock luban settings work with slight tweaks.
A couple things;
Those are really big items on the far edge of the bed. Until you’ve dialed in something in the center 100mm or so I wouldn’t be trying the full bed.
Also looks like the filament might need drying. I can’t really tell from pics of first few layers of infill.
Is it SM that came with it? My SM filament was fine but I know a lot of people on FB have complained about it. Try a different brand of filament?
Lastly, I know some people in early batches had a problem with the sensor or nozzle being off/not installed right. Which meant that the calibration was off. There are threads on here about it. Mine was fine so never looked into it.

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I had a lot of flow issues at first. Found out that the hot end wasn’t holding a proper temp because of an issue with the thermister design. Try taking the hot end out, removing the thermister from its hole, applying a small amount of thermal paste then reassemble. Hopefully it will help with the over extrusion issues.

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Seems to me you are printing too close to your bed. This causes what looks like over extrusion and can make your filament lift in areas and bubble up. Try recalibrating again but raise your z offset by 0.2-0.3.


Hey @C.Harris, you have written 0.02-0.03mm lift up, but you meant 0.2-0.3mm right?
Waiting for your response @JediVentus.

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Sorry I have been out of town. But it is the stick filament I’ll have to try and get some other brands. The setting aspect makes sense when you explain it like that. I got a glass bed that is smaller than the actual bed. So I’m going to calibrate to that and then print with regular settings to see if that helps.

Ah yes, my bad. Now edited!

Hey guys thanks so much for your help! It actually was the fact that the nozzle was so close to the bed. I re-calibrated it using the glass bed I got from Creality as well as raising the z offset by 0.1mm, and the first layer went down like a charm! I think the paper test was something that I didn’t fully understand, and that is where I got the nozzle so close to the bed. Thank you all so much for your help, I can finally start making things without feeling a immense amount of dread before!

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Awesome to hear!
It’s very easy to start trying and changing too many settings. Try to change one or two settings at any one time. You can tell a lot from the first few layers.
With PLA the stock settings seem to be pretty good and it’s mostly about nozzle temp and z height. You have to tweak those slightly with different brands and colors (white I’ve found usually needs slightly hotter nozzle than black).


that is a great illustration of Z offset, mind if i use your image to help others experiencing issues? i have a friend with an ender 3 that i think could really benefit from see that.


I’m glad you got it working!

It isnt my image, I simply pasted it from a google search. This is the source: