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Hi @GlennJ

Doug the newbie here (another squeaker) on the Snapmaker3D screen there is a magic button


Click it and a pop up window will reveal all

Select and click the Custom option and you are in control. Clicking the down arrow will close the pop up window…

Happy tinkering



Hello, I tried calibration after setting up, It does not seem to be correctly finding the first corner (1) – it gets sort of close – and moves to the complete opposite side of the device when trying to find corner (2.) Corner 3 is also somewhat close, and again corner 4 moves to the opposite side of the device (Goes left instead of right) Everything else seems operationally fine, all the other moving parts are operating fine. Thinking I made a build mistake, I completely disassembled and reassembled the snapmaker, but it’s the same story.

Is there some way I can check the supplied coordinates to verify it’s been supplied to the device correctly, anybody else experience a similar issue?



Check the cable position shown in the manual.


Hi everyone, newbie here. Was trying to print this image for a going away plaque but dont know how to get the background off so it is just the Chief Wahoo head. this is time sensitive so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @shawnusaf

I have made the assumption you wanted rid of the coloured outer background. Is this what you were after? It has white background.

This version has a transparent background

have fun



Thanks Doug! I will try both, hopefully one of them will get the job done. has anyone had luck exporting the created gcode to the usb drive? when i do it just saves as file.


Hi @shawnusaf

Are you running on Windows? I assume you are loading into SnpmakerJS…when I load your graphic and Generategcode, then click on Export I see a filename suffixed with NC…which contains the gcode. Is this what you see?



Yes I am running windows and loading with snapmakerjs. I’m not sure about the file as I’m at work now but I will check this evening when I return. Thanks again!


anytime my printhead tries to heat up my snap maker crashes…i have updated firmware and reseated the cables…help


that is not what i see, just transparent nothing after it. any suggestions?


Hi @shawnusaf

As a newbie myself I am not sure what you are doing and you may need to contact support.
If you are running the Preview then GenerateGCode then Export you should see your image filename with the suffix of .nc If the ,nc is missing just type it in and see what happens.

When you click Load, does it load the image into the main screen for lasering or CNC engraving?



New to snapmaker, really exceptional machine! Having trouble opening .stl files using snapmaker software. What am I missing?


Hi @prodigerati

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the group

Are you using the latest Snapmaker3D? A few basic questions to help us to understand. What platform are you using Windows or Mac? Where is your .stl file from? The more you can tell us the greater the chance of an answer.



Well Doug I have tried twice unsuccessfully and I’m running out of time, drats. When I watch the image it is a black square with slight resemblance of the indian inside of it. Whatcha got for that? :joy:


Hi @shawnusaf

It is a quirk of SnapmakerJS in that you see much of the image blacked out. I am assume this is what you are talking about when you look at the screen. Have you tried printing the image, it will come out OK, not the blackened image you see on the screen. OR have you printed it and you just have a black patch?



Sorry about that, I printed it and it came out like that as well


Did you print this as a Black & White image or as Greyscale. BTW which image did you use?


The transparent file and I did greyscale


Have you tried the other file with the white background that I sent?



I will now would you recommend black and white?