Quick swap install status keeps not detecting my quick swap kit

I had this issue for almost a month now, I FB massage Jade Wu but got no reply
My SM 350 2.0 can’t not detect that I have a quick swap kit, I set it that I have it and click don’t ask me again and I go in again to check if it recognized that, but it doesn’t , consequently I can’t calibrate the dual head or any other tool head , so I am forced to remove the quick swap kit which defeats the point of why I bought them to begin with. Frankly it’s is becoming very frustrating that I everything time I try to creat something with SM there is something buggy with the firmware or Luban. I am also trying to CNC a model and Luban crashed on me, so I am forced to use other software to process the g-code file. We paid premium money to get a premium machine, I think it time for SM to wake up and act like a respectable company and quite pushing stuff that is not ready for end users yet
Firmware and Luban are all the latest versions as of today

No issue here, using firmware Snapmaker2_V1.16.7_20230727 and Luban 4.8.2. You need to make sure you also enable the Quick Swap Kit in Luban’s machine settings. Since there is no way the machine could hardware detect the kit, I cannot imagine that the controller setting would “reset” itself, since it’s a manual setting. It should be stored in the persistent memory? Perhaps set it, power down, power up?

Here you go:

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The is simply a bug in the quick swap status screen…even though you have selected Installed, it looks like it has reverted back to Not Installed if you go in there again. SM Support have confirmed this to me.
You can look on the home screen on the touchpad, and it WILL show installed…so you are all good.