Quick swap and bracing kit

while i have both installed, my starting point is not corrrect. the starting point is roughly 1/2" diagonally from the starting corner. i didnt think anything of it, but even during calibrating, the front row is 1/2" in front of the actual working surface. it just is not aligned correctly with both installed. posting picture to show rails installed correctly.

Have you told the machine that you have both installed? You have to set it on the touchscreen because you lose a fair bit of usable volume having them installed. If you use Luban, you also need to set it in that software.

I’ve told the program but no option to do it on the controller. i think it may be the issue I’m having with updating causing this. I can’t get the update to complete as it just gets hung up on controller updating.

Go to settings on the touchscreen.
Quickswap and bracing kit installation status has be set there.

I dont have those options. I believe it has to do with my snapmaker not completing the update which ive started another post about.

Are you trying to do it via WiFi? The best option is to always do firmware updates via USB flash drive. you can download the latest firmware from the Snapmaker Support website.