Bed too far back for first 3 calibration points

Hey all, I’m a little new and my mother set up her own Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and asked for my help. So when I’m running the auto calibration the first three points of calibration are off of the build plate. When it finishes with calibration it returns to the middle which is a bit in front of the actual middle. All the hookups look correct and everything else seems fine.

Also any help with how to get my supports to come off easier? They seem to stick to the plate and the build on her other snap maker. Thanks!

Check your assembly, you likely put the y axis rails on the base plate wrong. They need to be fully seated in the indented groves on the baseplate, you probably have them overhanging.

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Thanks for the advice!
I’ll give it a try next chance I get :slight_smile:

Which way off the build plate?
The sensor is to the right of the nozzle. So when it’s measuring for calibration the head and the nozzle will be to the left of where you think it should be sensing.
If it’s in front of, then it’s what @Artezio said.


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@sdj544 they said the bed was too far back, with all three of the first calibration points off the bed, I could be wrong but I think they meant the entire front of the bed isn’t under the head for the first 3, if not, my bad.

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You would be correct in this statement. The entire front end of the bed is behind the printing head in the first three calibration steps. So then when calibration is complete and it is to return to the middle it is actually closer to the front of the plate and not dead center :slight_smile:

A good check that the cables are in the right place is to check what the machine does during homing:

During homing, the machine should move as the below steps.

  1. tool-head goes up.
  2. tool-head goes to the left of the rail.
  3. the heated bed move to the front.

If it does not do that, something is plugged in wrong or needs to be inverted.

Share pictures of your machine.
From front at height of bed and from front tilted down at height of top of z pillars at minimum.


I shall send a picture of it homed soon.

I’ll share the pics once I can take the pictures :slight_smile: check back around 8am EST and they should be up