Quick PLA Changing Guide

Ever since I got my Snapmaker 2.0 last fall, I’ve been trying to make videos to help the community with things that might be confusing.

Today’s video is about changing the PLA so you can print in a different color. I was a little nervous at first and didn’t want to mess anything up so hopefully this will help someone who is new and allow them to experiment.

If there are any things you’d like to learn about the Snapmaker 2.0, maybe more guides/tutorials let me know, I’ appreciate the feedback. Also if you enjoy the video, consider subscribing :slight_smile:

New to the Snapmaker forums so nice to meet you all. I hope to get to know all of you better in the future. Have a great day!


Welcome to the community. Many thanks for making such a helpful video.

Hope you can get some help and help others within this community. Please do not hesitate to mention me when you have any problems.